A Wander

So I’m settling down with this blog and the whole concept of ‘writing to publish’, rather than just tipping away in my Journal or cuckooing my blog into another blogger’s comments section (hey MacPsych! 😉 ). Is there a verb form of cuckoo? There is now…

While I’m at it, I love an ellipsis, but I immediately want to write ‘I love “ellipses”, and it seems my spellchecker isn’t aware of the plural of ellipsis. So now I have to take a quick detour… … … I’m back; the plural of “ellipsis” is “ellipses”. So now I know.

Arthur C. Clarke was very fond of ellipses, and thinking of Arthur, I’d love him to see how the Internet and mobile devices are shaping up. Being a fan of both technology and the ‘tomorrow dreams’ of past writers, I love reading his descriptions of twenty-first century technology as written from his own viewpoint, a twentieth-century innovator and science-fiction writer.
In particular, the ‘minisec’ from ”Imperial Earth”, ”2063 : A Space Odyssey”’s ‘comsec’ (a.k.a. Miss Pringle) plus the myriad of networked, semi-sentient devices of ”3001”. Imagine being able to casually toss 1980’s Arthur an iPhone or iPad, and watch as he explored first the hardware, then the mind-boggling data network clouding invisibly all around.

I’ve mentioned before I grew up in the 1970s. Well, aged three or four, I once dreamed I was standing on the footpath near my house. In my hand was a shell, and when I ‘opened’ the shell, like the lid of a box, I could see a tiny television image playing before me. I closed my hand around the shell, afraid I would lose this miraculous toy. At that, I awoke, and was immediately aware of how my hand was still closed tightly into a fist. The shell! Could it really, really be true…? Slowly I opened my hand… my devastatingly empty hand. Both the dream and the disappointment remained with me for many, many years. And then, one day I held in my mortal, waking hand, an iPod Touch. So I finally arrived in the world I always meant to live in.

And this blog entry has also arrived, just not at the destination I thought it was heading when I started off, but hey-ho!

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