A combination of a busy workload, tricky new work tasks that I can’t decide how to tackle, new extracurricular activities and a background ‘ennui’ that I can’t seem to shake off, I find myself stuck completely, and doing my usual “I’ll just swamp myself with busy work and somehow it’ll all go away!” nonsense.

Two things I really hate:
1. Not knowing how to do my job (it happens, believe me)
2. Knowing at the outset that the product will be, must be, sub-standard.

An unexpected issue arising from having a confirmed exit date for work is that now I can’t focus on anything but leaving. I remember what it was like to hand in my notice on previous jobs, and as soon as the deed was done, all I could think about was getting flock out of there. Well, guess what? It turns out that even with a leaving date of more than one year in the future, I find my attention snagged on that date in the calendar, and I can’t calm down about it.

It’s a problem, because I’m finding it so hard to keeping my momentum going; in fact, I feel like my working life has veered right off the bridge and is tumbling, ‘Inception-style’ into the river below.

I am leaving, but I have almost a year’s worth of working to put in between now and then, and this current frame of mind is definitely not helping.

Help me, Obi-wan, you’re my only hope!

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